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Mike Salvatoriello

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Michael ‘Mike Sal’ Salvatoriello has been recording since 1998 and has worked at world class studio’s in Cleveland, Atlanta, California, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Mike focused on music production and engineering, marketing, and graphic design while attending Hampshire College and has composed a large body of original music. As a producer (Kix Kreative), Mike has worked in hip-hop, pop, opera, rap, rock, R&B, independent film, and now spoken word. He counts as home the Shire (NH), East Cleveland (OH), and Burgos Spain.

Michael is also a public advocate for education in the arts and has spoken in front of crowds of students, artists, teachers, lawyers, children and government officials. He is an authority on topics concerning music history as well as the thriving community of music technology, studio etiquette and the value of healthy networking. He is also a voting member of the Grammy awards and a Recording Academy member in the Atlanta chapter.

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